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With a background of 30 years composite panel manufacturing experience, ModularWalls is the leading producer of cost-effective acoustic boundary walls and fences.

Our product range includes external boundary walls, premium fencing, retaining walls, impact-resistant roadside barriers and high-tech sound absorbing wall panels. They are designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian conditions, by us with modern challenges and design aspirations.

We’re committed to making high-end, high performance products more accessible. With the ability to integrate retaining, lighting, decorative slats or infills, and to accommodate paint, tiles or cladding, this is never “just a wall” this is a revolution.

From a single invention to international industry disruption; from the smallest DIY pack to kilometres of roadside noise barriers; from the average homeowner, to local fencers, design professionals, commercial developers and government bodies; ModularWalls is Australia’s innovator and trusted market leader of outdoor modular wall solutions, committed to every single project, including yours.