Presenter: Brendan Armstrong

Stop the Champagne! Or let it flow, today we want to introduce you to another use for Cork.

Spray Cork allows the natural protective wonders of the bark of the cork oak tree to be added to any property. The vast array of benefits is simply amazing in a decorative coating system with benefits including thermal and acoustic Insulating properties, fire retardancy, mould inhibiting and so much more.

Spray Cork has taken the world by storm with international celebrities such as Mike Holmes and Kevin McCloud having used and demonstrated this product many times over. Let us introduce you to the “Product of the Century”.

Presenter: Jennifer Snyders

When you imagine bamboo, you probably picture a pole or a tree, or perhaps a Panda.

Rethink your world with Bamboo! Jennifer will introduce you to one of the world’s most sustainable and environmentally responsible materials and show you how you can use it to transform interior and exterior spaces. From the futuristic Bayview House to the contemporary lines of the Pearl House, modern engineering allows bamboo to be used in all manner of builds from traditional to modern.

Bamboo is the new engineered timber alternative. Learn about an array of possibilities for both commercial and residential applications. Step outside the forest and see the possibilities.