The heart of the home, an on-trend kitchen isn’t just a great place to spend time, it’s also a fantastic way of increasing the value of your property. Luckily, 2020 trends enable homeowners to update their kitchen regardless of budget. Whether you are planning a complete kitchen makeover, or simply want to make some minor alterations to keep your kitchen decor current, the 2020 trends will work for you. Here we take a look at seven 2020 design ideas that are transforming kitchens across the country.

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Black is back!

For the past few years, white and shades of grey have dominated the monochrome kitchen vibe. That’s all set to change with the reintroduction of classic black. Striking, chic and classy, a black kitchen conveys a sophisticated vibe that’s irresistible. Black can be teamed with stainless steel for an industrial feel, blended with other monochrome shades, or used as a stunning accent to highlight a focal point in your kitchen.

The darker work surfaces and related black kitchen installations from Caesarstone create a powerful statement in any black-themed kitchen. A well-established provider of top-quality kitchen accessories, the Caesarstone collections offer a high-quality design solution. View their showroom at 66 Merivale Street, South Brisbane.

Wood never goes out of style

Although it went through a bit of dip in popularity following the trend for pine kitchens, timber is a timeless kitchen option that’s always a good choice. Contemporary timber fixtures are frequently styled with mix ‘n’ match materials and colours, providing an engaging, natural tone that works well with kitchens across the colour palette. Some of the timber from EGR for example, is combined with metallic hues to create futuristic kitchen designs that are also welcoming and warm.

Offering a selection of stunning polymer panel options, as well as cabinetry and fixings, if you favour timber that’s been given a 21st Century makeover, EGR’s ranges are well worth a second glance. EGR Decor’s range can be seen in their showroom at our Centre in South Brisbane.

Polytec also has an amazing selection of timber laminate options that provide all the functional advantages of a synthetic material with the aesthetic appeal of natural wood.

Retro cosiness makes a welcome return

For the past few years, monochrome, minimalistic kitchens have dominated contemporary design. 2020 is the year this changes, with warmer palettes making a welcome return. Shades along the orange/lemon/red spectrum are gently edging back into the picture. Metallic finishes that provide warm coppery or bronze tones are a stylish option, as are units featuring golds, umber shades and ochre. Polytec offer some beautiful palette choices that incorporate warmer tones into a monochrome base. These palettes create subtle warmth, fusing elegance and simplicity with a cosy, welcoming vibe that’s always appealing.

A leading provider of beautiful surfaces for premium kitchens, Polytec’s selection of counter tops and panels showcase a selection of irresistible contemporary colour choices. See for yourself at their Showroom at 66 Merivale Street, South Brisbane.

Contrasting colours define 2020 kitchens

Note that the need to opt for matching cupboards, units and surfaces has long gone. 2020 is the year of contrast! Top cupboards one colour, surfaces another and a third option for base cupboards is a defining feature of this year’s kitchen. If you’ve currently got a monochrome kitchen, why not replace either the top or bottom cupboards with a fresh set in a contrasting shade. With darker tones a key feature this year, selecting a teal or sea-green option could provide an attractive update.

Design: Kylie Hickman & Gil Bennett, Zavie Creative. Photography: Tom Ferguson Photography.

White remains a timeless classic

Clean, bright and enormously versatile, it’s no surprise that white continues to dominate kitchen decor choices. If you already own a white kitchen, a 2020 twist is to add bright splashes of colour, providing visual interest without being overwhelming. Sombre hues are a 2020 design statement: cupboards or panels in darker shades of blue or green could add an attractive splash of colour to a white kitchen that epitomises the 2020 look. Alternatively, why not introduce a black accent? Monochrome design riffs are always a good choice for kitchen decor and have the added advantage of being widely available from many top-drawer suppliers.

Austaron Surfaces’ mineral and bauxite resin bonded work surfaces, for example, can provide a stunning monochrome feature that adds interest to a white kitchen. View their Showroom at The Build & Design Centre, at 66 Merivale Street, South Brisbane.

Take another look at splashbacks!

Concerns around sustainability, hygiene and maintenance are causing many people to rethink the materials they use in their kitchens. In place of traditional materials such as tiles or plasterboard, Solid Surface is lightweight, easy to work with, and require virtually no maintenance once in place. Non-porous, it is extremely hygienic, built to last and offers endless design aesthetics which are expressed in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Austaron Surfaces’ Solid Surface range can provide a stunning backdrop to any kitchen. Available in options that complement any kitchen palette, this material provides a variety of practical benefits and adds style & beauty to your interior space.

Darker shades of nature

Alongside black, moodier colours are also a 2020 design feature. Used to accent kitchen space, they may be combined with metallic shades or used to accent a paler kitchen. Darker colours can add atmosphere and power to a design, at the same time as a surprising degree of warmth. Shades taken from stormy seas or ancient forests appeal to the nature lover within all of us, at the same time as providing a strong colour statement that ensures a kitchen stands out for all the right reasons.

In Summary

2020 kitchen trends are marked by the re-emergence of colour into interior space. Bold statements using black and more muted shades of blue, green and brown result in kitchens with depth and strong visual appeal. There is a strong focus on using materials that offer functional benefits, as well as being attractive. Mixing the colours of units, surfaces and walls is a key 2020 feature – coordination rather than an exact match is what’s currently on-trend.

With a wide variety of kitchen products from top designers and manufacturers available, as well as considerable experience in kitchen design, we’ve got everything needed to ensure your 2020 kitchen project is a stunning success. Come visit us 7 days a week to see our Showrooms from Australia’s leading building and design manufacturers.