Affordable Secondary Dwelling

Adrien - Builder

Master Your Secondary Dwelling Project: Free Workshop with Petite x Mamet.

Feeling overwhelmed by secondary dwelling options and fluctuating costs?

Join Petite x Mamet Homes’ Adrien for a 2-part masterclass, designed to empower you and avoid costly pitfalls!

Adrien, a seasoned builder, has guided countless clients through a seamless secondary dwelling journey, ensuring affordability and budget adherence.

Part 1: The Secondary Dwelling Blunders (and How to Avoid Them!):
Adrien will unveil the 7 biggest mistakes homeowners make when considering a petite second abode, so you can steer clear from the start.

Part 2: Building Smart, Saving Big:
Discover Adrien’s 7 key value management techniques, used at Petite x Mamet, to ensure your dream second dwelling is both beautiful and budget friendly.

Empower yourself to build smarter!