Bathroom Renovation 101

Tina - Designer

Interior & Building Designer Tina Dawes is the resident Senior Design Consultant at the Caroma showroom within the Build & Design Centre. Designing buildings and interiors for over 30 years and working in other fields in the Construction industry, there’s not much Tina hasn’t seen on a building site.

Tina has a philosophy of appreciating all looks, even though she prefers only a few. “Creating a beautiful bathroom is about making the right choices, getting into the nitty gritty of each element, making those right decisions is key to the entire process” she says, “so getting these tools of decision in your project toolbox is essential to success”.

Tina will be hosting this Bathroom Basics for Renovating seminar to share all her knowledge of not only Caroma Bathroom products but also specialty advice on selecting the right items that you need for your project. The session will include Trade related technical information & tips, and a Q&A session.

You will walk away with a gift from the Caroma team, project inspiration and specialised advice from a seasoned Interior Designer.