Bring Your Home to Life

Russel - Tech Expert

We can help you to design a home that is attuned to the way you like to live and reflects your lifestyle. Imagine a smart home that puts you in control, from blinds that open to greet the sun, aircon that comes on before the day’s heat, and lights that dim as you drift off, a Wiser Smart Home adjusts to suit your lifestyle.

Wiser Home is a scalable, automated smart home solution that lets you control almost everything in your home with a single app. It’s easy to install and set up, and can grow as your needs change. With a Clipsal Wiser Smart Home solution, your smartphone can become your dashboard for customising and controlling your home. You can do almost everything from operating the blinds to changing the lighting remotely with the Wiser by SE app, locally via your voice assistant device, or simply from your existing light switches.

Imagine creature comforts on demand. With Wiser’s voice control compatibility, you can use smart voice devices like Amazon, Alexa and Google Home to set the lighting to a dinner Moment without leaving the table, or activate a sleep Moment in the kids bedroom while you’re doing the washing up.

Join Russell for an expert presentation on how to bring your home to life the way you want it.