Energy Efficient Homes

Tori - Energy Assessor

Want to understand more about what goes into creating a sustainable, energy-efficient home? The benefits of thermal comfort, lower energy bills and a lower carbon footprint are hard to go past when designing your dream home, or even when undertaking renovations. Increasing your understanding of this topic at the beginning of your project will give you benefits that can last for decades.

In this seminar, Tori Walker will give you a deeper understanding of how to improve the energy efficiency of your home. We will look the basics of good thermally efficient design and construction, demystify some jargon, and find out where you should spend your money (and where you should save it!) for a sustainable home.

Tori Walker is the Principal Consultant at BERA (Building Energy Ratings and Advice). She has been involved in the design of homes for over 15 years and has worked with Building Designers, Architects, Builders and Energy Assessors both professionally and personally during this time. Victoria has completed a Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessments and is accredited with Design Matters National (formerly, Building Designers Association of Victoria) and is a member of BDAQ.