Integrated Homes

Regan - Technology Integrator

Google, Apple and Amazon have flooded the market with very popular voice control devices. But what can they really do? Alone, not too much but add a control solution and integrate the smart appliances around your home then anything is possible.

With technology linking almost everything via cloud, we now literally have anything we want at our fingertips. And with that natural progression humans want things sooner and simpler. Pretty much anything in the home that plugs into power is being sold to us with a “smartphone app” these days but is it really any easier if we are then navigating 10 or more apps for our desired result? The answer is to integrate and automate them where possible into one experience. One app. One remote. But how?

Regan Webb is a smart home integrator and has been working with home technology for the last two decades. eXperience One are passionate about making a shift in the construction industry to a point where homes are built including the basic building blocks for the addition of any scale smart home system. From the intercom, CCTV and access control through to the lights and blinds controlled in the home cinema, our “Designing Integrated Future Ready Homes” presentation will cover off on what works with what and why you must have a solid structured cabling plan as a smart home foundation.