Practical Interiors

Bobby & Michael - Designer

Are you Building or Renovating? Unsure of how to effectively plan and organize your new interior space?

While beautiful colour palettes and design elements can set the perfect ambiance in your home, organisation is essential to bringing your interior to life – practically and aesthetically. Hettich in the Home highlights how their products are integrated into the everyday lives of countless homes but also serves as a source of inspiration for your own home projects.

Join Michael from Michael Christopher Design and Bobby from Hettich for an exclusive masterclass on effectively planning and organizing your space, regardless of its shape or size.

Michael, with extensive design experience, offers invaluable insights into space specification and material selection tailored to your needs. Bobby, Specification Manager, brings technical expertise crucial for practical implementation.

This session will guide you in creating a functional, ergonomic interior with streamlined workflows, ensuring everything is conveniently accessible when you need it. Discover intelligent solutions for storage, organization, and seamless integration to optimize your space effectively!