Renovating without Fear

John Monihan - Builder

Too often we hear the stories of renovations that get out of control. Disputes, dissatisfaction and unfulfilled promises. Renovations come in all sizes, prices and levels of complexity but there is a common issue that is always at the root of the problem ones … poor planning.

Not just a poor design but poor time planning, poor material planning, poor fitting and finishes selection, the list goes on. In fact neither side really knows what they are setting out to achieve from the start.

This workshop will help the layperson to understand the process of getting it right from the start. How its so much easier to get it right than get it wrong. We will discuss the communication challenges, the building process, the hidden agendas if they exist, the right way to step through the process and when to give the green light and make sure that the light stays green for the whole journey.