Your Own Sanctuary

Deborah & Caroma

Enjoy this workshop with renowned interior designer Deborah De Jong, and Caroma. Deb is a seasoned leader with experience working in a range of business operations. Having retail experience through partnering in the foundation of Fantastic Furniture from concept to a multimillion dollar organisation, and though her work as an interior designer with a deep passion for interior psychology for over twenty years, Deb has become a successful and sought after adviser and designer to residential, retail and commercial sectors.

In this session we will take a closer look at how to create more harmonious living spaces, the effects of behavioural design & the impact of colour in our living environment. There is no question about it, the pandemic has changed how we live – especially when it comes to our homes. As we found ourselves spending more time in our houses last year due to lockdown and social distancing, we also spent more time better understanding what we need in a living space. We were forced to find new ways to interact, these were centred around the home and reshaped how we worked, slept, lived, exercised, entertained, and schooled our children

With the bathroom, kitchen and laundry as the most costly rooms to renovate in the home, and the most permanent in terms of fixtures and finishes, this is a great opportunity to learn from an industry professional how to be confident with colour, add value to your home and avoid trend disasters. The Caroma range of products for bathroom, kitchen and laundry offers you everything you need to create your own sanctuary.