Jennifer Snyders


This presentation will look at how we can find creative ways to use bamboo, explore its varied possibilities, change its perception as a poor man’s material and showcase its advantages and technology relevant to contemporary life.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this session attendees will understand:

  1. The environmental and economic benefits of cultivating bamboo for building. (AACA Competency:1.4 Identification of factors that may impact on client project requirements and objectives and 3.1 Design response integrates the objectives of brief, user intent and built purpose.)
  2. How bamboo is manufactured for building materials (AACA Competency: 3.4 Design response incorporates assessment of relevant legislation, codes and industry standards.)
  3. The benefits of engineered bamboo over other materials. (AACA Competency: 3.3 Design response incorporates assessment of the physical location and relevant wider regional, contextual and environmental issues.)
  4. Industry issues preventing the specification of bamboo (AACA Competency: 4.3 Application of creative imagination aesthetic judgement to produce coherent design.)