Caroll Hall

Design Inspiration

Caesarstone is consistently specified as the number 1 choice of brand for benchtops by Australia’s leading architects and designers. They trust the product for its durability, it’s style and its timelessness. It’s a reflection of the quality work we strive to deliver. At Caesarstone we don’t just make quartz surfaces, we choose to create surfaces that combine the pinnacle of performance and design to deliver something truly extraordinary. Caesarstone can be fabricated into a number of beautiful details that provide both practical as well as aesthetic benefits with different Edge Profiles and thicknesses. Perfect Pairings and the process of blending art and science in equal measure in the product development will also be covered in this CPD session.

Technical Considerations

Caesarstone will give an overview of the things to keep in mind when specifying our benchtops as well as fabrication considerations, the advantage of choosing Caesarstone quartz surfaces (facts about quartz), and cleaning & maintenance.

Specifications and Documentation

We will run through the technical information and data, warranty. Where to find the technical documentation on all ratings and certificate information as well as other supporting documents.

Showroom Visit

A trip to the Caesarstone Selection Studio to give you a chance to touch, feel and see the difference in the surface finishes, colours and patterns.