Andrew Hudson


The presentation will impart information and detailing of the Bondor Metecno Commercial Roofing Insulated Panel Systems. Critical issues for assessing commercial roofing options including Building Classification, Wind Class, Roof Function, Thermal Performance, Structural Consideration, Logistics & Insurance. A case study will outline the Bondor Metecno Expansion / SecureLap Systems vs End lapping and BlueScope Steel’s warranty implications.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this presentation you will be able to:

  • Explain the critical issues for consideration when assessing commercial roofing options and the risks of inappropriate placement of roof penetrations.
  • Identify the differences between panel and single roof systems.
  • Apply knowledge of different systems and project specific considerations to make appropriate roofing system selections.
  • Identify the opportunities provided by matching structural steel placement and roof panel span performance.
  • Outline the difference between expansion joint steps and end lapping and how new systems overcome the risks of end lapping.

This presentation will deliver outcomes related to the following Competencies from the National Standard of Competency for Architects 2021:

PC26; Be able to undertake site, cultural and contextual analysis as part of the preliminary design research.

PC39; Be able to integrate the material selection, structural and construction systems established in the conceptual design into the detailed design and documentation.

PC43; Be able to collaborate with nominated contractors early in the documentation process to identify key construction methodology opportunities and constraints.

PC45; Be able to nominate and integrate quality and performance standards with regard to selected materials, finishes, fittings, components and systems, considering the impact of Country and the environment, and the whole life carbon impact of the project. This includes integrating life cycle assessments and other expertise and advice from consultants.