Julie, John & Rachel


Comfort in design, explained in a simple way, is provided in spaces that produce well-being. This, undoubtedly, can be a somewhat subjective and personal concept for each individual, but there are several parameters and building regulations to follow in design projects. Join us for an unmissable evening of showroom presentations where Julie, John and Rachel will share their expertise in this realm.

The latest polytec colour release is inspired by human’s innate desire to connect with nature and made to mimic sensory and physical elements of the natural environment, otherwise known as biophilia. Julie will explain how Biophilic design is essential to increasing connectivity with nature, reducing overall stress and increasing wellness. Subliminal biophilia is seen throughout the polytec range of solid, timber grain and stone prints.

Air quality, heathy ventilation and thermal comfort in the home are fundamental to wellness and the enjoyment of living spaces. From removing pollutants and odours to inhibiting mould growth, the removal of stale air is of utmost importance. John will explain how poor ventilation can lead to a multitude of health problems, and how providing correct solutions substantially improves air quality and a provide a much healthier environment for the occupants. Ventair is a specialist in providing ventilation solutions with quality products that not only perform but are also available in a variety of designer looks.

Designing for comfort and wellness is on the forefront of all everyone in Design, and lighting is no different. Rachel from Speciality Lighting Design is excited to present lighting solutions that encompass these principles through creating lighting plans that benefit our bodies natural circadian rhythm.