Andy Singleton


What is it about timber flooring that warrants attention by architects? There are a very wide range of timber products, design objectives, timber finishes, and expected usage profiles. There is real potential for complex and technical installations which warrants considerations such as Moisture, Expansion, Acoustics, Longevity and Maintenance, and Sustainability.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Queensland Timber Flooring CPD presentation, attendees should be able to:

  • Recognise the inherent differences between Engineered and Solid timber flooring. AACA Competency: Design; Schematic Design: 4.6.
  • Identify the implications and need for appropriate expansion in the installed floor. AACA Competency: Documentation; Detailed Design: 5.5.
  • Explain the various timber flooring installation methods, finishes and anti-slip requirements. AACA Competency: Documentation: Detailed Design: 5.4.
  • Identify the requirements for acoustics in different types of timber flooring and installation methods. AACA Competency: Design: Schematic Design: 4.7.
  • Recognise the price profiles for the various timber flooring products and installation methods. AACA Competency: Design: Pre Design: 2.3.