Nigel Frame


With our growing population and the need to accommodate our elderly, the frail and an increasing younger generation requiring permanent residential care, Aged Care Facility project approvals are growing year on year. From mechanical core products to digital access control platforms, specifying the right hardware is not only imperative for the end-user but also an understanding of the Australian Standards which regulate these hardware nominations is equally significant. In this presentation, we aim to develop a knowledge base surrounding product selection during the specification process and how to navigate those requirements to meet Australian Standards.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, attendees will have an understanding of the following:

  • Introduction of 4 principles in specifying hardware
    • Hang the Door
    • Secure the Door
    • Control the Door
    • Protect the Door
  • Appropriate selection of door hardware in Aged Care
  • Relevant Australian Standards
    • AS1428.1:2021 Design for Access and Mobility
    • AS1905.1 Fire Resistant Door Sets
    • AS4145.5 Locksets and Hardware for Doors

The session will encompass related product categories, each being introduced as to why they are important for Aged Care environments.

Attendees will be able to evaluate the needs of a project and translate these into appropriate hardware nominations by demonstrating the specification principles introduced and observing any requirements set out within the Australian Standards.