Samantha Goosen


Exceptional design potential paired with high performance properties make Kaynemaile mesh the ideal choice for building exteriors, interiors and lighting designs. This presentation will showcase projects where this transformative architectural mesh is being incorporated, and explain the fundamentals for consideration when reviewing Kaynemaile for your next project.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Specifying Polycarbonate Architectural Mesh presentation, attendees will be able to understand the difference between Polycarbonate mesh and alternate “similar” mesh and Perforated mesh products. AACA Competency: Design; Schematic Design 4.6. Evaluate the various design capabilities and assess what options are available across applications. AACA Competency: Design; Schematic Design 4.1. Understand relevant fixings and sub-structure requirements across different applications. AACA Competency: Documentation; Detailed Design 5.4. An understanding of the unique properties of polycarbonate mesh and how these can be beneficial in Solar reduction on your building. AACA Competency: Documentation; Design Schematic 4.7