Eric Lien


This course focuses on the make-up of pre-painted steel for roof sheeting and wall cladding with a specific focus on the differences between marine and standard products. Warranty considerations, rectification advice and specification guides are discussed with the intention that a well written specification, underpinned by the knowledge of the detail within the specification, will ensure long life for the chosen finish and profile.

Learning Outcomes

Attendees to this session will be able to:

• specify the correct metallic coating class for long life and environmental considerations
• understand the make-up of pre-painted steel
• discuss ongoing maintenance for warranty purposes.
• have a solid knowledge base of the dissimilar metals tables; both direct contact and water run-off
• identify potential failure of rainwater goods due to inert catchment.

AACA Competencies
This course relates to the following area(s) of Design:
Detailed design and construction documentation
• PC39 – Understand how the integration of material selection, structural and construction systems impacts on design outcomes
• PC45 – understand processes for selecting material, finishes, fitting, components and systems, based on consideration of quality and performance standards.

Eric Lien is the National Architectural and Specification Manager at Stratco and has over 20 years’ experience in the roll forming industry with a focus on product development and product performance.