George Abagi


Environmentalists agree that nature provides the ideal model for sustainability. Nature does not waste, it re purposes and recycles. Today’s fossil fuels account for some 87% of the world’s energy needs. In the modern world, buildings account for approximately 40% of energy consumption. This therefore makes buildings a crucial focus area in the efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels. By making the worlds building energy efficient, massive savings can be made to both energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this module you will be able to: 1. Describe where you would access sustainability and performance information for different products and materials. (AACA Competency; Design: Design 3.1) 2. Discuss green building standards, labeling programs, and details to be include in specifications. (AACA Competency; Design: Documentation 6.5) 3. Be able to describe the variables of building product selection that impact sustainability and occupant-tenant health, including efforts on productivity and comfort. (AACA Competency; Design: Documentation 6.7)