Luke Woods


In this seminar, the discussion will focus on how ModularWalls lightweight and sustainable products, design engineering and construction methodologies reduce the carbon footprint and the positive impact this can have on future communities, for Country, stakeholders, and overall environmental sustainability.

Learning Outcomes

This seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Evaluate design & construct phase to achieve lower embodied carbon outcomes.
  • Importance of reducing carbon footprint through lightweight, sustainable and recycled materials.
  • Implementing energy efficiency in the manufacturing process to achieve a reduction in emissions.
  • Carbon reductions as a result of lightweight construction and installation methodologies

This seminar is related to PC3 and PC10 Performance Criteria and Professional Conduct in the National Standard of Competency for Architects 2021. PC3: Apply principles of project planning, considering implications for Country, environmental sustainability, communities, stakeholders, and project costs. PC10: Demonstrate understanding of the whole life carbon implications of procurement methods, materials, components and construction systems.