Long Run Commercial Roofs

Presenter: Andrew MacDonald

This presentation will review Long Run commercial roofs and the various design criteria which determines supplier and profile choice, logistical restraints, and cost implications.

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Door Hardware for Aged Care Specification

Presenter: Nigel Frame

The session will encompass related product categories, each being introduced as to why they are important for Aged Care environments. Attendees will be able to evaluate the needs of a project and translate these into appropriate hardware nominations by demonstrating the specification principles introduced and observing any requirements set out within the Australian Standards.

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Designing With Timber Floors

Presenter: Andy Singleton

What is it about timber flooring that warrants attention by architects? There are a very wide range of timber products, design objectives, timber finishes, and expected usage profiles.

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Design for Access and Mobility

Presenter: Gavin Atkinson

Our formal CPD presentation gives you an in depth look at requirements for AS1428.1 in the commercial bathroom space. During this presentation we will discuss what products comply, (and why), as well as give you the knowledge to make smarter design choices for your projects.

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Commercial Roofing Selection Process and Lapping System Options

Presenter: Andrew Hudson

The presentation will impart information and detailing of the Bondor Metecno Commercial Roofing Insulated Panel Systems. Critical issues for assessing commercial roofing options including Building Classification, Wind Class, Roof Function, Thermal Performance, Structural Consideration, Logistics & Insurance.

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Specifying with Solid Surface

Presenter: Belinda Worden

Often thought of as a “benchtop material” the design capabilities of Solid Surface are much greater. This presentation will educate on the scope of design possibilities while also addressing the fundamentals for more standard joinery applications.

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Sustainability in the Design and Manufacturing Lifecycle

Presenter: Luke Woods

In this seminar, the discussion will focus on how ModularWalls lightweight and sustainable products, design engineering and construction methodologies reduce the carbon footprint and the positive impact this can have on future communities, for Country, stakeholders, and overall environmental sustainability.

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