Material Finishes / Dissimilar Metals

Presenter/s: Eric Lien

This course focuses on the make-up of pre-painted steel for roof sheeting and wall cladding with a specific focus on the differences between marine and standard products.

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Bamboo ReEngineering our Future

Presenter/s: Jennifer Snyders

This presentation will look at how we can find creative ways to use bamboo, explore its varied possibilities, change its perception as a poor man’s material and showcase its advantages and technology relevant to contemporary life.

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Sustainable Living with a Smart Home System

Presenter/s: Sunil Abraham

Sustainable living is a necessity of the present-day world. We are constantly facing increase in electricity tariffs and at the same time, we need more electricity to drive a carbon neutral future. This course will focus on a sustainable Smart Home design, diving into the functionalities and on the development of an eco-system with the coordination and integration of appropriate environmental systems.

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Towards Net Zero - Blinds, Best Practice Sustainability & Beyond

Presenter/s: Alison Peach

Though sometimes overlooked on these terms, window coverings are an important consideration for specifiers motivated by sustainability. With their capacity to control not just light and glare but also heat, the best blind and curtain fabrics have a key role to play in improving thermal efficiency.

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Specifying Sliding Door Systems

Presenter/s: Bobby Salami

This presentation will provide an in depth understanding of design parameters, different construction methods and the importance of selecting a suitable sliding door systems based on design criteria and the application to ensure an intelligent system is specified for your projects.

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