Hola da Vinci

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Hola, da Vinci. has a vision to inspire by bringing beautiful hand painted features walls into every space. With decades of fine art experience, this Brisbane based team lovingly recreates classic paintings to fit the palette and shape of your wall.

These feature walls will set your space apart, allowing you to fully express yourself through your surroundings. Whether it’s in your home or part of your business’ branding, Hola, da Vinci. will bring your vision alive utilising the movement and colour of classic paintings.

Through a consultative design process our artists will customise classic images from our gallery, making them perfectly suited to your desired space. We create digital mockups so you can “try before you buy” and ensure our paintings meet your vision.

Full sized feature paintings have never been so accessible or affordable. Now is the time to do something different as we see an explosion of culture and a love of the arts in Queensland. We are thrilled to be a part of this cultural awakening, bringing beauty into your space.