Upcoming Seminars

Lighting for Your Home

Rachel - Lighting Designer

Join Rachel for an informative session that outlines the key factors in product selection and placement of lighting throughout your home and into the outdoors to create a seamless transition while maintaining the integrity of your interior design theme.

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Bathroom Renovation 101

Tina - Designer

Tina will be hosting this Bathroom Basics for Renovating seminar to share all her knowledge of not only Caroma Bathroom products but also specialty advice on selecting the right items that you need for your project. The session will include Trade related technical information & tips, and a Q&A session.

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Become Energy Independent

Jack - Solar / Electrical expert

The need to create a more self-sufficient energy solution for your home has never been greater. Join SEM Group Director Jack Beare as he outlines the steps households can take towards reducing their power bills.

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Flood Resilient Homes

Kahn - Architect & Helen - Designer

In this presentation Kahn and Helen will run through the key parts of the Queensland government building guidance on Flood Resilient Homes, for new homes and for renovations. They will discuss how flood damage can be minimised through the design of the building and choice of construction systems, as well as the selection of materials.

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