Flood Resilient Homes

Kahn - Architect & Helen - Designer

When building or renovating in Brisbane, it is essential to consider the risk of flood. Neil Design has undertaken several Flood Resilient home renovation projects of late and with significant community interest in this topic you’re invited to attend this seminar to learn more about flood resilient design.

In this presentation Kahn and Helen will run through the key parts of the Queensland government building guidance on Flood Resilient Homes, for new homes and for renovations. They will discuss how flood damage can be minimised through the design of the building and choice of construction systems, as well as the selection of materials. Neil Design project examples will be used to demonstrate how flood resilient design and materials can help people get their homes back up and running sooner after a flood event.

Kahn and Helen will share their thoughts on how renovating for flood resilience provides an opportunity to make our homes more appropriate to our climate and particular site conditions, as well as touching on our growing need for homes that allow aging in place and design for access. Be sure to bring along any questions you may have for the Q & A session at the end of the presentation.