Designing a Smart Home

Regan - Tech Expert

Join Regan Webb, a pioneering smart home integrator and founder of eXperience ONE Smart Home, for our premier seminar developed in Australia. With over two decades of experience in custom electronics and a notable reputation within the industry, Regan has been at the forefront of integrating innovative technologies into homes, luxury marine environments, and luxury multiple dwelling units.

This seminar addresses essential design features required to create a successful Smart Home, demonstrating how technologies can be connected to a single control platform, thereby enhancing functionality and convenience. Regan will share his expertise in motorised automation and projection home cinema, and delve into the critical aspects of structured cabling plans as the foundation of any smart home system.

Covering everything from intercoms, CCTV and access control to lighting and blind control in home cinemas, “Designing the Australian Smart Home” will guide you through integrating compatible technologies and why these integrations are crucial for future-proofing your home. Join us and discover why a solid foundation and a continuous learning approach are essential in the ever-evolving world of smart home technology.