Moodboard Masterclass

Dawn - Interior Designer

Interior & Building Designer, Dawn Carey has been successfully designing functional and beautiful spaces for over 7 years. As the proud director of Designing Interiors, Dawn’s philosophy is to keep things simple and enjoyable, ensuring to create spaces that represent your unique style and personality. From creating a colour palette to establishing a design intention, these tools are essential in the success of your project, ensuring your concept remains cohesive through to completion.

Dawn will be hosting this hands-on Moodboard Masterclass to share all her tips of the trade, educate on different materials and budget, and focus on creating your own interiors moodboard and colour palette for your project.

You will walk away with your own moodboard, sample materials used, a gift from the Designing Interiors team, project inspiration and specialist advice from an Interior Design expert. Whether you’re planning to renovate, re-decorate or if you simply love Interior Design, this masterclass is for you!